DC Ward 7 Opinion Poll – Summary of Streetcar Issue

Executive Summary

According to a scientific survey conducted by a Ward 7 data professional, registered voters in Ward 7 support extending the DC Streetcar by a substantial margin, and support is shared broadly across a variety of demographic and economic groups. Overall, 61.9 percent of Ward 7 registered voters either strongly support or somewhat support the streetcar extension, while only 27.6 percent of registered voters strongly oppose or somewhat oppose the extension; 10.4 percent of voters are unsure. The 34.3 point difference between support and oppose is well beyond the poll’s 5.5 percent margin of error. The support for the extension is shared across every demographic group, with net-positive support from all age groupings, race groupings, income groupings, gender groupings, educational groupings, and home ownership status. Because of the broad cross-sectional support, the survey’s findings on streetcar opinion are not sensitive to the poll’s weighting or demographic model.


The text-to-web survey of Ward 7 registered voters had 427 unique respondents and was conducted from September 16th through September 19th. The survey was conducted and coordinated independently by Ward 7 resident Michael Havlin; the data was collected by Point Blank Political. Using a Random Iterative Model, the raw data was weighted by gender, race, political party, age, and four-year-degree status. The margin of error is +/- 5.5 percent. Population estimates for post-stratification weights were generated using a combination of Census data, and third-party-provided data (see methods document for more info).

To download the full responses, the crosstabs, demographic data, and the methods document see links below:

This DC Datum Summary post and data analysis was cited in this Washington Post Opinion article, this additional Washington Post Opinion article, this GGWash article, and this other GGWash article.

4 thoughts on “DC Ward 7 Opinion Poll – Summary of Streetcar Issue

  1. Excuse me sir. I was hoping you can share the raw data…the % of African Americans surveyed. Was any of the ANCs contacted and interviewed regarding this study? What was the response from CM Vincent Gray’s Office? Please advise and contact me please.

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    1. Hello Tamika — thank you for your interest. The survey is a random sample. You can find the demographic data in the excel files attached at the bottom of the article. But the raw sample was approximately 80 percent American american — after applying the survey weights to adjust for bias the percentage of African Americans increased to approximately 94%. This is reflective of the fact that approximately 94% African American. I would like to present the results at my ANC 7F meeting. I contacted them but haven’t heard back. Happy to answer more questions just email me at havlin.michael@gmail.com


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